Welcome to

a unique spiritual community

Living Grace, Dianella, Perth, Australia
  • Gatherings

    Life is not one size fits all so these are our spiritually focused gatherings. If one of these gatherings doesn’t suit you, mentoring is available.

  • Sunday Mornings

    10:00am 68 Waverley St, Dianella

    Come Celebrate With Us!

    A weekly church service with worship, preaching, communion and a wonderful (low sensory) kids program.

  • Shared Tables

    Monthly in homes or cafes with new and/or old friends.

  • Soul Space

    Sunday 5:00pm fortnightly 68 Waverley St Dianella

    Like a gym for your soul. Where you learn and explore spiritual practices.

  • Soul Space Online

    7:00pm Online Wednesdays (in school term time)
  • Alpha

    5:00pm Sunday 68 Waverley St Dianella

    Great company, great conversations about life, faith and meaning. No pressure, No charge. Fortnightly


Welcome to a unique spiritual community.

Everybody’s faith grows when people of all ages worship, live and learn together. Living Grace Dianella has been around for over 50 years and we are proudly intergenerational. We are in union with the wider church and are a part of Churches of Christ in Western Australia.

We are fortunate to have many wise souls among us, and value their presence and contributions to our community. They are present to listen, pray with you, mentor you or simply chat when we gather. We welcome you into our warm spirituality where you can grow, serve and enjoy life and God.
Pastor Monica and Michael O'Neil

  • Community Gatherings

    Meet people and relax around some shared activites. We make it easy to get to know people if you'd like to, or to be a little on the edge of things too... there is room for you.

  • Men's Breakfast

    8am Saturday Caffisimo Cafe, Coventry Village, Morley

    Men and breakfast!

  • Shared Tables

    Monthly in homes or cafes with new and/or old friends.

  • Friday Friends

    10-11:30am 68 Waverley St Dianella

    "Friendship is a sheltering tree" Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  • Nature Walk: Saturday July 6th

    9:00am Light Street Reserve

    Our next seasonal Nature Walk with our guides through Light Street Reserve, is on JULY 6th, 2024.

Something to listen to Who is God? (Who am I?): The God Who Creates

Join us for this new teaching series at Living Grace Dianella in which we explore who God is, by looking at key passages in the Old Testament part of the Bible. As we learn more deeply who God is, we see more clearly who we are, and how we might live more fully in the love, goodness, wisdom, and will of God.

Short Reads

Life and Work

February 5 2022 | Monica O'Neil

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
― Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking: A Theological...

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