Friday Friends

10-11:30am | 68 Waverley St Dianella

"Friendship is a sheltering tree" Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Friday Friends is a community time every Friday from 10-11:30am. Anyone can come. It’s a good place to meet a few people, have a little fun and, if you are new to Australia, practice your English with friendly people.

Club Friday. On the second and fourth Friday's a group of mainly retired and semi retired people enjoy a range of social activities including indoor bowls, craft and table games. Bring your knitting or crochet if you want! We meet at 68 Waverley Community Centre. Cost is $5 and includes morning tea. Check it out a time or two for free.

Coffee Friday is on the first and third Friday's and we meet for conversation, coffee and cake at a local coffee shop.

We would love to answer your questions, let you know which thing is happening this week and make you welcome. You can call us on 92753773